Short Film: A Common Place (2010) 

This is the first film I made for my dissertation films. It is a short film about Roberto's bar, the most legendary bar in the Almagro neighborhood where my research is centered. Roberto's bar was the bar where I spent most of my nights in 2005 learning about tango and was also the place that drew many young people, both Argentine and not, into the world of tango in the last 15 years. I filmed this short with a friend of mine, Natalia Marcantoni, a local photographer and camerographer for the city's public access television station. Working with her was both challenging and rewarding. She brought her beautiful cinematrography to my work but I learned how difficult it is for traditionally trained filmmakers to work without a script. After this experience, I decided I was better off shooting my own footage and not driving my friends crazy in the process of seeking my seemingly abstract sensory filmmaking research goals. The film was shot in July of 2010 over the course of a few nights in Roberto's bar. My goal was to evoke a sense of the bar, the intimacy and belonging that people feel there, and the important relationships that are built within the bar between younger and older musicians.